Getting over your past

You sleep with the lights on, if you sleep at all

Overcoming your past, Issaquah, WA

so you can see into each room from your bed, if you finally fall asleep and reawaken before morning. Certain smells, sounds, and touches can make you cringe, start, or scream. You've survived domestic abuse, rape, childhood trauma, or combat and it's still with you, especially at night.

Other people don't understand why you don't go out much, drink to forget, avoid places and people that cause flashbacks, trigger you, or remind you of the past. Maybe the words post traumatic stress or PTSD or panic are running though your mind. You've tried sorting it out alone, certain you should be over it by now. You've researched online, read self-help books, and joined online groups. You've resisted counseling because you don't want to live through the hell again.

But the memories and feelings keep getting in the way of your work, relationships, pleasure, parenting, and home life. You have sick memories that just couldn't be real, night terrors where you're chased or caught, sweaty panic when you should be fine, and, most unlike you: rage. These are some common reactions of even long-past traumas.

You don't have to live like this anymore!

I use cutting edge treatment to help you get over your past in ways that don't require you to talk about it.

Call me for a 15-minute phone consultation to learn more about finally, finally, overcoming your past. Online and in person therapy can help.

You get to choose your future!

Looking for more information? Did you read about about EMDR and getting over your past? Find out more about what EMDR is. I can also help with that.