Counseling for teens and preteens

Child and teen therapy

You're worried about your child! They are withdrawn, angry, moody, or having a hard time with a change, divorce, or death of a pet or other loved one.

They have a developmental delay, trouble interacting with peers, are on the autism spectrum, or just find it harder to do what other kids seem to do with ease. Or they have a sibling with developmental delays or mental illness and you worry about how it impacts them.

They seem to cry or lash out all the time at home or school. They don't listen to you anymore. Their grades are slipping or they skip school altogether. They feel like they have no friends and that teachers don't like them. It's hard to get them to bed at night and hard to get them up in the morning. You want to help your child feel better, have friends, and do well.

They can learn to share and then solve their troubles.
They can get along better at home and school.
School can become easier for them.
They can feel strong, successful, and accepted.

Play Therapy

Children often don't know how to verbally tell us what's wrong. So they act out, withdraw, do poorly in school, or behave differently than they used to.

Games, drama, art, sandtray, and other play provide a safe backdrop for communication and sharing. Using play, kids can talk about dreams and fears, and heal hidden pain. For teens and kids, the play IS the therapy.

In Session

In the safety of the therapy session, your child will use tools like miniatures, art, sand tray, poetry, and board games to share and release anger, fear, anxiety, sadness, and trauma.

As a former teacher and special education teacher, I know coolness and comfort count. Building trust and relationships is the first step, so initially, depending on their age, I might meet with you and your child together, or with them alone. Later, as you've gotten to know me and your t/ween feels comfortable without you, I'll meet alone with them. And I'll give you updates and sometimes family homework if that's something that fits for your family style. Your connection will grow as you and your kid communicate better, get along better, achieve family goals, and have fun together.

When you need help with your child or teen, call me at 206-790-7270 or email me at robin@balanceinsight to schedule a free 15 minute telephone consultation.

Let's get them feeling secure and happy again.