Psychotherapy & EMDR in Issaquah, Washington

You feel angry, sad, and scared.

Like you're never good enough, worthy enough, or loved enough, and you don't fit in no matter how perfect you try to be. 

You don't know why you're so irritated, frustrated, and angry at everyone. You're thinking, "I swear I'm not crazy, so why am I acting like that?"

You just want some peace for a change!

You’re a woman who’s half of a couple living separate lives. You feel criticized, unheard, misunderstood, undervalued, and unloved, and that’s when the two of you are "doing OK."  

Your kids let you know on a daily basis how lame you are and how much you don’t know, and you wonder when your connection to them snapped.  

You can never do enough, well enough, to keep others happy. Your head is spinning, with thoughts of what you could have done better, should have done differently, keeping you from sleep at night

You think that maybe it IS all your fault. People keep saying you're too sensitive. Maybe your difficult childhood is getting in the way. You've had a trauma, abuse, or terror in your past. Your fear and anxiety keep you from feeling comfortable and joyous. At gatherings you feel somber, serious, and humorless (unless you've had a little drink to take the edge off).

You feel different, not good enough, like you don’t fit in anywhere. Mostly, you feel like you’re somehow broken.

Your teen feels worried, anxious, and angry, like school and home are just too hard. Mostly, they feel lost.

Reach out. Call me to schedule a free 15 minute telephone consultation where you’ll find hope and see if maybe you might need a little more help.

No one should have to feel lost or broken!

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