Special Education advocacy in Issaquah

Special Education Advocacy

Your child is having trouble at school

The teacher says they're behind, not progressing, or acting out. You get notices and phone calls saying they're disruptive in the classroom.

Or you're noticing your child needs help at school, but you don't know how to get it. They spend recesses doing school work, they're reading below grade level, and you think if they could just have some extra help they could succeed.

The questions and emotions you have around your kid's education are overwhelming.

Special needs? (If every kid is unique then why does this term scare me?) There's a whole different language used in special education, with terms that can be hard to relate to.
What's an IEP - a meeting? a paper? a program?, who writes it, who follows it, does my kid need one, and how do they get one? (Who's in charge here and shouldn't we be on the same team?) There are laws and standards governing IEPs. 

You need help advocating for your child's needs at school

Whether it's your first call to the school or your 20th, your first IEP meeting or your 4th, your child has been approved for specially designed instruction or not, you're already exhausted with everything you have to learn and do and fight for. And you feel like "that parent," the one teachers hate to see coming (even if they really don't).

You want them to get the help they need and be liked by other kids and teachers. You want your child to feel like they fit in and belong!

I'm here

As a former special education teacher and current psychotherapist, familiar with laws, language, culture, and emotions around diagnoses and special education needs, I can help. Whether you're looking for resources, an IEP review, or an in person advocate at school meetings, I can help you get what you need for your child. Call me at 206-790-7270 or email to schedule a free 15 minute telephone consultation to learn more.

Every child can learn, succeed, and belong. That includes yours!