Eastside counseling for teens in Issaquah

Counseling for teens

You're worried about your teen! They are withdrawn, angry, moody, or having a hard time with things that used to be easy.

They seem to cry, lie, or lash out at home or school. They don't listen to you anymore. Their grades are slipping or they skip school altogether. They feel like they have no friends and that teachers don't like them. They're not sleeping or can't get up in the morning. You want to help your child feel better, have friends, and do well.

They can learn to share and then solve their troubles.
They can get along better at home and school.
School can become easier for them.
They can feel strong, successful, and accepted

Children often don't know how to verbally tell us what's wrong. So they act out, withdraw, do poorly in school, or behave differently than they used to.

In Session

In the safety of the therapy session, your teenager will use activities like conversation, art, sand tray, drama, poetry, and games to share and release anger, fear, anxiety, sadness, and trauma.

Building trust and connection is the first step in successful adolescent therapy. The first few sessions will focus on building that relationship, earning your teen's trust, and learning about their needs and what they want to work toward - what they want to accomplish by the time they finish counseling. From there we'll develop a treatment plan and work toward meeting those goals.

We'll monitor our progress along the way, slow down or speed up, work deeper or add smaller incremental steps, depending on your teen's needs. In time, will find your connection will grow as you and your child communicate better, get along better, achieve family goals, and have fun together.

When you need help for your adolescent, call me at 206-790-7270 or email me at robin@balanceinsight to schedule a free 15 minute telephone consultation.

Let's get them feeling secure and happy again!