Counseling & EMDR

You feel broken - like you're not good enough, worthy enough, or loved enough, and you don't fit in no matter how much you try to belong. 

You can't seem to calm your irritation and frustration and it's taking over your relationships at work and at home. You judge yourself and others harshly and you have two speeds: upset or apologetic. 

People say you're too sensitive, that you take things too personally. Maybe everything IS your fault.

You can never do enough, well enough, to keep others happy. Your insomnia keeps you up, mind racing, head spinning with thoughts of what you could have done better, should have done differently. 

You can't concentrate and it's hard to focus at work. You worry over every little thing. At gatherings you're somber, serious, and humorless (unless you've had a drink to take the edge off). You're uncomfortable in your own skin.

You feel different, not good enough, like you don’t fit in anywhere. But, mostly, you feel like you’re broken.

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Just picture all the promise-filled days!