Difficult childhoods

Child abuse recovery in Issaquah

Let's face it

Some childhoods aren't even close to normal. You know your house wasn't like any of your friends' houses.

Maybe you were screamed at, hit, or ignored. Maybe your house was filthy with waste, rot, and rats. You might have been the family scapegoat or the favored golden child. 

Or maybe someone in your house was sick, really sick - physically, mentally, or addicted - and you had to grow up fast, fast, fast.

The tools you used to survive your childhood worked! You lived!

But now those skills are hurting you more than helping. If your sh*tty childhood has you feeling angry, less than, different, or wounded, I can help you learn new ways to relate, communicate, and move beyond your past. Your life begins anew today.

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Choose your own future.