EMDR therapy for recovery from past distress

Robin Custer, EMDR practitioner Issaquah, WA

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

is a way to help your brain sort out trauma so it doesn't keep getting in the way. You can lessen the intensity of your worries and fears, with less talk and less reliving awful experiences and memories.

The Brain

When we experience day to day events, even difficult events, our brains can usually incorporate that information into the narrative of our lives, and process it from a broader perspective. But when we are subjected to traumatic or distressing experiences our brains are quite literally overwhelmed. 

EMDR activates both sides of the brain, helping incorporate these events into part of our life story. This lets our brain and body stop reacting as if it was happening right now, and start treating it like a past memory we've already survived.

EMDR in Action

During EMDR sessions we figure out what type of eye movements or taps are most comfortable for you, pick memories or feelings to start with, and rate your level of distress. Then I either tap or ask you to follow my fingers with your eyes (a set), while the feeling or memory moves through your mind, letting it pass like scenery passing by the windows of a train. You are fully awake and alert and can tell me to stop, go slower, or go faster anytime you like. We use a free flow of feelings, thoughts, memories, or sensations to identify what's in your mind after the set. This allows the distress to pass rapidly by, with your level of distress going down and down and down. As both recipient and practitioner of EMDR myself, I can tell you it's fascinating how much better it feels and how quickly!

If you've experienced trauma, anxiety, or PTSDchildhood events, fear, shame, or phobias, or want help getting over your past, EMDR therapy can help you can feel better.

EMDR can take the sting out of your past and help you move forward to a more fulfilling life. 

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