Couples counseling for individuals

Relationships hardly seem worth the trouble and it's probably safer to be alone.

Couple in Issaquah

You alternate between anger and fear; mistrust and clinging. You do far more than others ask, to prove you're worthy. Friendships and couplings never seem to last.

You have a good education, career, a house, and maybe even kids. But you just don't feel happy with your partner. You feel disconnected and like you have to walk on eggs or ignore things to get along. The silent treatment is making you lonely and sad. You two disagree far too much, unless you go along to get along, and your sense of self is slipping away as you try harder to make it work.

And, even worse, your partner refuses to go to couples counseling.

But that doesn't mean your relationship is over! Couples counseling for individuals can help you.


You can have the relationship you want, supportive and nurturing, long-lasting and happy. I'll help you learn to trust yourself, express your needs so your partner can hear you, and I'll even teach you how to fight so no one loses and everybody (and your relationship) wins. 

Call me to schedule your free 15 minute telephone consultation to learn how couples counseling for individuals can get you there.

Imagine how meaningful your relationships can be!