Real time help - right now

Feeling anxious, panicked, or so sad your heart is shattered doesn't always happen during business hours. 

Here's a little gift from me to you: meditations I've used with clients that helped settle them. The first is good for relaxing, like a vacation for your mind. The second is good for calming thoughts during a panic attack. And the third is for physical and mental relaxation. I know it might feel impossible to settle and do a meditation right now - but give it a try. Put your earbuds in, take a deep breath, and press play. 

If you want a more permanent solution, call me at 206-790-7270 or email for a free 15 minute telephone consultation.

Let's get you feeling better.

Activities to try

Here are some more activities that have been helpful for my clients and others. They can all be done during the night.

Give them a try. You CAN feel better. Truly.

  • Listen - to the audios on this page, download to your PC if you want to have them on hand

  • Breathe - keeping exhales longer than inhales slows your heart rate

  • Sing (yes, sing) - slows down breathing and heart rate

  • Read - spelling words forward and backward out loud requires focus, gives thoughts a rest

  • Stand up tall - opens your chest and lungs, allowing deeper breaths

  • Dance - movement releases endorphins (runner's high) and is a good distraction for your mind

  • Talk - to a friend on the phone or in person

  • Pet and talk to an animal - it soothes you and your critter

  • Drink herbal tea or water - with a friend is even better

  • Eat something healthy - proper nutrients help level out moods

  • Email or Call me, and if it's the middle of the night you can still leave a voicemail, to schedule your free 15 minute telephone consultation to see if you might need more, more skills, more help, more solutions. Just knowing you've put a message out in the universe can start to shift your thoughts and feelings so you can rest. And I WILL call you back. You've got this!